Vaderstad is our leading supplier of drills and tillage equipment. From1982 when we took on the franchise our customers have loved the innovative andsuperb design and build quality of the Swedish products. Browse our site or visit to find out more.
It all began in Rune's barn
The story of Väderstad-Verken began in 1962 in a barn on the Stark family farmin Väderstad. Rune and Siw Stark had a 30-hectare farm and just like all theother farmers around they used a ‘planker’ to till the soil. These had alwaysbeen made of wood and for obvious reasons their durability was limited.
Rune grew tired of making a new wooden planker at the start of every season andput together a durable steel planker made from U-beam instead. It wore very well in the hard clay soil around Väderstad and it wasn’t long before otherfarmers in the area got in touch and asked Rune to make steel plankers for them.
”Build it to last!” RuneStark, founder of Väderstad-Verken AB
No sooner said than done. Rune set to work manufacturing steel plankers at homein his simple farm workshop. That was the humble beginnings of what today is Väderstad-Verken AB.

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