Gregoire Besson

The French plough andcultivation manufacture has a reputation for innovation and build quality. Thisis why P Tuckwell ltd are proud to be able to sell their product and have beendoing so with Bill Imminck even before Besson UK was formed in 1991. Therelationship continues and many satisfied customers all over suffolk and Essexare turning their soil with Gregoire Besson equipment. Below is a brief historyof the firm and browse the site to find out more about the products they haveto offer.


In 1802 Monsieur Grégoire founded his ownsmithery in the county of Maine et Loire in Montigné sur Moine village, France.
At the beginning of the twentieth century adescendant of Monsieur Grégoire decided to specialise in the production ofagricultural machines. At this time the company had about 10 employees andproduced approximately 30 ploughs.
In 1959, one of Monsieur Grégoire's descendants,Alphonse Besson, took control of the firm and founded the Grégoire Besson Company. Taking the experience of mechanization acquired during WWII, GrégoireBesson developed many new agricultural machines and patented them.
The plant, producing mainly ploughs, had 90 emplyoees. At that time the range increased to include ploughs by purchasing the Bergueneuse Fenet Company which first of all produced disc implements.
Gregoire Besson UK was founded - based at Carlby,Lincolnshire. Managed by the Immink family Bill and Robin, they have over 60years experience between them within the agricultural industry.
Gregoire Besson acquired the ASKEL Company atQuimper and Swedish Company Wibergs. Gregoire Besson can now offer a broadrange of tillage equipment: ploughs, discs and cultivation machinery as well asplanters and bag lifters.
At the beginning of 2005 Gregoire Bessonpurchased the company Naud and later that year they bought Souchu-Pinet andDehondt specialising in Discs and front mounted equipment.

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